Sunday, March 18, 2007

Kaye’s Publishing coup!

1. "Wailing Station," the story which won 2nd place in Toasted Cheese's "Dead of Winter" contest in 2006, is now available online. The issue will be posted until June 1. To get there (and to read the other stories as well; the first prize winner's FANTASTIC), go to and click on "Current Issue." If you've already read my story, consider reading the others, particularly if you like well-crafted short fiction. I'm NEVER disappointed in what I find there, and Toasted Cheese has become a must-read every few months. Best of all, it's FREE!

2. "Deconstructing Fireflies," which I wrote with Nathan and was published in The Illuminata, has been invited for inclusion in a science fiction anthology. Woo hoo! We've signed the contracts under the agreement that they use a cleaned-up version, since it went through another round of edits after The Illuminata published it. Tyrannosaurus Press, while small, does get reviewed. The collection is due out in 2008.

3. There was a third story, which I sent you all info about on the private e-mail newsletter. I've been asked not to blab about that on any public website until the issue is out this summer!

In other news, I've decided to pursue short fiction for my master's. It's really where my passion lies. I'll be working on my master's application this month, which for Goddard is quite extensive and complicated. Forgive me if I drop off the face of the earth! EEK!

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