Sunday, April 1, 2007

Conferences fast approaching -- register now!

The two conferences coming up in our area are fast approaching. Here's the info:

APRIL 14/15: THE 2007 NATIONAL WRITERS WORKSHOP SPONSORED BY THE HARTFORD COURANT. Registration costs $105 for non-students and $70 for students. Featured speakers include David Baldacci, author of several New York Times bestsellers (I believe he's commercial fiction); Lauren Baratz-Logsted, who has published ten books with major houses and is a personal friend of mine; Michael Patrick MacDonald, who has won the American Book and Literary Lights Awards; and several big names in journalism including Pulitzer Prize winners.

Our own Jen Connic will be attending.

Here is the link for information and registration (you may have to copy and paste this; I'm terrible at sticking links in e-mail):,0,3796551.htmlstory

MAY 12: CAPA-U. They still have plenty of spaces left--so you're not too late. Registration is $140.00. Kaye will be speaking and attending this event, and you will, if you sign up and put in your requests, have a chance to conference for fifteen minutes with an agent. If you were thinking of signing up and haven't yet, NOW IS THE TIME. Information and downloadable registration forms can be found here:

Happy writing! Hope you'll all consider attending one or both. Conferences, no matter how large or small, are an important part of the writing process. While it's important not to be a "conference junkie," -- there are many writers and all they do is go to conferences -- it's good to try to attend one or two per year if your budget allows.

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