Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Pencils! Points: May 8, 2007

Hello, gang! Another great, in-depth meeting last night, and great to see some familiar faces, Vance, Kathryn, and Shirley! It was terrific to see everybody.

Anyway, here's our Pencils! Points for Tuesday, May 8, 2007!

1. Jerry opened with his newest short story, "The Plan," a fun little delve into some noir. "The Renaldi Funeral Home had been their forbidden playground for most of those early years, when they would sneak in and dare each other to touch various parts of the corpses."

2. Henderson continued to entertain us with more of The Eight-Fold Way, and lively discussion ensued.

"I recoiled a bit, surprise flashing and receding. A sunrise pattern spread up Blue's face, and she giggled. Then laughing colors splashed across her bare arms."

3. Dave, who will be leaving us to go off to the prestigious Odyssey Fantasy Workshop for six weeks, presented the first half of a story with a Lovecraftian bent called "The Ones Who Listen." "Bad luck for him I had the tire iron sitting right there. But I probably did him a favor, considering. After you saw the towers fall, didn't you think, OK, now the rest of my life is going to suck?"

4. Lastly, Roger rejoined us from his travels with Chapters 13 and 14 of How My Retirement Went South. From "No Child Left Behind": "As reported in the April, 2005 issue of Creative Loafing, the county "graduation rate is only 53.7 percent. Of the freshmen that started four years before, 53.7 percent graduated, 21 percent left the county school district, 4 percent remained active students but lacked the credits to graduate, and 22 percent dropped out."

We also got tons of wonderful announcement news from members, both at the meeting and through e-mail.

Have a magical couple of weeks. We'll see you all on May 22!

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