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Pencils! Points: September 11, 2007

Hello, folks! Rockin' meeting the other night! Here's the run-down for those of you who missed it.


~ FIELD TRIP TO SLEEPY HOLLOW: …and writer Washington Irving's homestead is slated for Saturday, October 20. Snail-mail and e-mail details will be sent out shortly; cost is $11/per person.

~ PENCILS! 5TH ANNUAL CHRISTMAS COCKTAIL: Set for Saturday, December 1! Details to follow soon, so watch your mailboxes!

~ 2008 SCHEDULE is now posted on the Pencils! website.

~ NANOWRIMO IS COMING. It starts November 1. Check it out at

~ RESOURCE BOOK: Don't forget to contribute your areas of expertise to our resource book! The print edition, which will contain contact information, will be available ONLY to Pencils! members. The page on our website will only contain your first name and your areas of expertise. We're looking right now at a January publication date.

~ PENCILS! PRE-TEXT: Look forward to this exciting new Pencils! feature in January!

~ Kaye will be in Walt Disney World from September 18 through September 23. See you all at the meeting on the 25th!

We kicked off the meeting with some prompts, but not many of us had the opportunity to doing them, so we'll run the same prompt again for those of you who still want to take a shot at it. The prompt is, write 500 words or fewer containing the following:

"There was nothing left to see."

At the meeting, the following people shared their prompts:

1. Vance presented "Egyptian Illusion", about archaeologists and some pretty deeply-buried secrets at a dig site.

2. Carol Becker presented "Seeing in the Dark" about campers and a night in the Adirondack woods.

The reviewed readings:

1. Claudia opened us up with her poem "The Parting": "Drops now pounding/Tree boughs gyrate in backup harmony…/I embrace the turmoil/Storm is seceding…/I keep moving…"

2. Roger was next up with another chapter from How My Retirement Went South... "There was only one dealer in the entire city, so if you want a Mercedes, you're going to pay…dearly. Now take my Volkswagen. When I went shopping for it in New York, I had five different dealers in the area to compare prices with. In Charlotte, there were two—both owned by the same owner."

3. Joyce is submitting her story "Just Like a Man" to Whatever! Literary Magazine. "Since I was the one facing forward, I was the logical navigator, but I didn't have a clue. We were going through a black forest of masts and I had no idea where Semper Paratus was. I could only guide Frank past mooring lines and keep an eye open for his boat.

4. Welcome back, AL!! He brought in a couple of poems, one I can't remember the name of (shame on me, and it was a new one, too) and also an old Pencils! favorite, "Introspective Retrospect."

5. Carol McManus shared "On Maui Again" – a humorous essay about her experiences at the Maui Writer's Conference, which she attended over Labor Day Weekend. The whole thing spawned a brief discussion about the book business and authorship today.

6. Henderson was up next with part of his novel The Eight Fold Way. "You sit tight. I'll keep you informed. This may be just the break we need to find out who's behind these attacks."/Charles, the yellow green of concern moving in waves across his face, started at him, silent."

7. Kaye read her short story "Camouflage" which was really quite a mess but is definitely going to benefit from the help she got! "…he was the tree, she was the vine, and they had navigated their new landscape until the specter of her married roots had intruded."

Quotes of the Night

"I'm learning how to lie, I suppose."
--Carol Becker, on memoir

Henderson: When I hear a poem like that I wonder…how I missed it all.

Roger: Al went to the Keith Richards School of Life.

--on Al's poem, "Introspective Retrospect."

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