Sunday, August 10, 2008

John's short story accepted to anthology!

I'm delighted to report that my short story, "The Outlaws Of Hill County"
has been accepted into Graveside Tales' upcoming anthology,
to be released in time for
Halloween this year.

The year is 1969. Harvest Hill, Tennessee finds itself in the midst of preparations for the annual Halloween Festival, taking place at Harvest High. Only problem is the Long Fellow has announced its return by taking Jenny Lou Harrison from them.
Its up to a young hippie, his friend, and the local biker gang, The Outlaws Of Hill County, to showdown against the Long Fellow Halloween night.

Just remember what all the kids
sing each year around this time:

"When the night gets long

And the day goes quick,

You better hide inside,

Or you might get sick,

Out come the Long Fellow,

Playing his tricks,

Sucking your soul,

Through your fingertips…"

Warm tidings

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