Sunday, March 18, 2007

Lon makes international anthology/book signing

Lon's short story, "All That Remains," is one of a dozen in the UK-published anthology Love and Sacrifice. The collection is meant to be a companion book to the film London Voodoo and centers—in a very dark fashion—on troubled relationships. Read more about it here:

For an extra treat, click on the links to read samples from the stories. Also, the guy who plays "Pinhead" (from Hellraiser) reads one of the pieces and it's free to listen to. Pretty cool!

The book costs a little less than $12 American. I tried paying through PayPal, but it kept telling me my session had timed out. (I'll see when I get home if it was charged a bunch of times.) Other than that, there are phone numbers available to call to order. Anyway, this looks like a great book! Congratulations, Lon!

I admit, with this announcement, it was written so well I just put it in third person....okay, so I'm lazy tonight...

Lon's "My fib" (haiku-like poem based on the Fibonacci sequence 1/1/2/3/5/8 syllables) came in as an honorable mention in the Flashquake "Less is More" contest and is available free to read here:

Also, he'll be doing a book signing with two other Writers of the Future winners at Booklover's Gourmet in Webster, Mass at 11am on Saturday the 10th. The signing is in conjunction with the store's 12th anniversary festivities.

Booklovers' Gourmet
55 East Main Street
Webster, MA 01570

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