Sunday, March 18, 2007

Upcoming Conference put on by The Hartford Courant

On April 14 -15, The Hartford Courant will put on its 2007 National Writers Workshop. It's a two-day event. Jen Connic, has been to this event a few times, says it's a wonderful resource and she's learned a lot every time she's gone.

SHE IS PLANNING ON ATTENDING. ANYONE ELSE? Maybe some of us can get a group together to go for at least one of the two days, or, if we get really ambitious, maybe we can do some kind of overnight, as the event does take place at a hotel. For more information and to check out the cost and who's speaking (one of the speakers is my friend Lauren Baratz-Logsted, who's published ten books), visit:,0,3796551.htmlstory

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