Sunday, June 3, 2007

Pencils! Points: May 22, 2007

Hey gang!! Special thanks to Jerry for helping out with Pencils! in my absence. Here's some notes for anyone who missed the meeting.


1. Joyce started us off with another moving chapter from her novel.

Murray's eyes narrowed. He turned toward Estelle. "Just one dance, that's all." He shook his head as he rose from the chair.

2. Vance was up next with Specks of Dust, a story that will be published shortly in Sacred Heart's literary magazine.

As Fillipo threw open the shutters and we moved about the rooms, there it was again, the connection to my youth, the floating specks. If you look at them intently, you can see colors. Threads of red, green, and gold; just a tiny curled and twisted line, never very long. Sometimes they rise in a nearly straight line.

3. Next, Kelly read two of her poems for us, one of which just won a poetry contest. Unfortunately, we didn't get any notes on these. I'm sorry I missed them!

4. Frequent light laughter was heard as Roger read chapter 17, Cookie Cutter Casas of his How My Retirement Went South.

I told them I didn't have a cast on my leg and that where we came from, if you have an elevator in your home, you have too much money.

5. Kathryn shared The Man with the Cats, a short story that also drew laughs.

The dénouement came in New York City. He had taken his cats there for an examination and was waiting for the results at Fifty Seven Fifty Seven, the swanky bar at the Four Seasons Hotel, his cats in the carryall on the next barstool.

6. Ann then read us her poem For Joan/Saturday morning.

The reeds shook

The water broke

The tree found hope

In a Santa Claus suit.

7. Henderson concluded with chapter 4 from The Eight Fold Way.

The Normal went on. "Your mate is OK, as you can see." He did not turn to look at Doris but I could see her features easily. She was signaling reassurance, and then she switched to communication mode. She flashed that she had been at the home of a Normal to paint.

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