Monday, June 18, 2007

Walt places in Military History Online

Walt, who moved to Cambridge just a few short months ago, reports that he's writing like mad and has sold a couple of things since he's left (WORD TO MEMBERS: SEND OUT YOUR CRAP!!!)

One of his articles, "The War That Never Happened," sold to Military History Online, and is available to read at I'll let him tell you what it's all about:

"I thought you might find a piece on the Irish invasion of Canada interesting. "The War That Never Happened" is an astounding, little-known bit of history. Interesting part of this story is why the U.S. government approved an illicit army of immigrants invading our neighbor to the north. There may be lessons to be learned about trusting too much in politicians' promises, the tenuousness of international relations and the wisdom of unilateral invasions."

Keep on truckin', Walt. Proof positive that Pencils! don't have to be here to keep the spirit alive!

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