Monday, January 21, 2008

Kaye's Quintuple Whammy

All things considered, 2008 started off with a bang for Kaye. Here's what's going on:

"Wailing Station," which placed 2nd in Toasted Cheese's “Dead of Winter” Contest last year, has been picked up by the audio-serial Parade of Phantoms. This is truly exciting--they always have professional readers, and the stories on the other episodes are really top-notch. I'll let you know when "Wailing Station"'s available, but for now, do yourself a favor and check the mag out here:

A review of my story "Bad Enough", which was published last December in Susurrus Press' I Am This Meat anthology, appears here. I was pretty pleased with what he had to say:

Orlando Attractions Magazine printed a tip and a photo of mine in their Letters to the Editor section. The clip, in JPEG format, is what appears above. If you're a fan of Disney or any of Orlando's other major attractions, you should check it out at:

The Taj Mahal Review published "Matchbox" in their December 2007 issue:

"Glass Kill" appeared in Goddard College's journal The Pitkin Review, Spring 2008 issue. Now, here's something interesting: the editor sent Kaye a note assuming that the word she'd used in the story, "chourico", was misspelled, and shouldn't it be "chorizo"? Kaye replied, "no, the story is set in Fall River, Mass, where "chourico", because of the area's Portuguese influence, is spelled this way. "Chorizo" is the Spanish spelling." In fact...the meats are, indeed, prepared using different spices, so they don't even taste the same: Despite all of this, the magazine prints -- you guessed it -- "chorizo"!

I honestly have to say that this is SUCH a major error I won't be submitting there again—this is the kind of stuff that undermines a writer's credibility. Besides, next time around they might just insist the Bronx Zoo is really in Manhattan...and these are MFA students? Hello? You can check out their Fall, 2007 (not the issue "Glass Kill" appeared in) at

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