Monday, January 21, 2008

Walt's recent publishing forays...

Walt sent some of this news to you late last month, but I'm reiterating it here in case some of you missed it!

First, the second volume of Cruising the Green of Second Avenue is now available from Wild Child Publishing. You can check it out here as an e-book you can download as a pdf file, at

Walt writes:

Cocktail Reviews again gave the collection their five Champagne glasses, saying, "Volume II, allowed me to revisit everyone from Volume I. I slipped back into Jake's life easily, feeling as though I knew them all—good character development, an easy voice, and funny lines saw to that. Once again, a brilliant set of short stories that involve everyone in Jake's life. Here's hoping there is a Volume Three."

In addition, Walt's short story "Cable Window" was published in Bewildering Stories issue 271, and you can check that out here: (

Congratulations, Walt!

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